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Manual Install

How to manual install this extension using "zip" file.
Manually install Chrome extension
  1. 1. Download extension.
  2. 2. Click on the Chrome main menu and select “Extensions” from the “More tools” option.
  3. 3. Here click on the “Developer mode” toggle at the top-right corner to enable it.
  4. 4. Now drag and drop the ZIP file of the extension in the Chrome extensions page and you’ll be asked to add the extension like you are usually asked. that's all.


The G-Map Scrapper Tool Service is a software tool that allows users to extract data from Google Maps for business purposes. The tool is designed to make it easy for businesses to gather information on their competitors, potential clients, or other relevant entities in a specific geographical location.

The tool works by using a web scraping technique to extract data from Google Maps. The user inputs specific search criteria such as the type of business or location they are interested in, and the tool will then gather information such as business names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other relevant details. This information can then be exported into a CSV or Excel file for easy analysis and use.

The G-Map Scrapper Tool Service offers a range of benefits to businesses looking to gather information on their competition or potential customers. Firstly, the tool can save businesses a significant amount of time and effort compared to manually collecting data from Google Maps. This allows businesses to focus on other important tasks while still obtaining valuable insights.

Secondly, the tool provides a comprehensive view of the businesses in a particular location. This can help businesses to identify gaps in the market, find new potential customers or partners, and gain insights into the competition.

Finally, the G-Map Scrapper Tool Service offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and navigate. The tool is designed to be accessible to businesses of all sizes and levels of technical expertise.

Overall, the G-Map Scrapper Tool Service is an effective and efficient way for businesses to gather valuable data from Google Maps. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive data gathering capabilities, the tool offers businesses a valuable tool for competitor analysis, market research, and customer targeting.

G-Map Scrapper Tool Data Extractor tool is a lightweight and powerful Map software for lead generation.

Map Contact Extractor is software that can extract information such as business name, address, email, phone number, website etc...

There are many places on the Internet that have many lead generation sources that you can use for marketing your product or service. Goyral Business is probably one of the best sources for getting information about local businesses as almost all companies are listed in Map.

It will take you a lot of time to manually copy and paste data from Map. We provide a better way to scrape Map data export to CSV and Excel and save your time instead of assembling it manually.

Map Data Scraper tool helps to add multiple keywords and CSV file

Our powerful Data Extractor tool is simple to use and user-friendly.

You Can use the Free Try Version (maximum 20 results) to decide how the Map Data Scraper tool works and to upgrade to our Unlimited Results Plan for a fixed monthly subscription. You can any ask questions


Set Scraping Interval Seconds

Set The Scraping time interval in seconds random each data is up to you.

Search Multiple keywords

Search All type of Multiple keywords, address, business name, place name..

Export Data CSV and Excel sheet

Export and download data in CSV and Excel sheet.

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Free Version

Start free version

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